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Understanding Nutrition :

Understanding Nutrition


Eating Disorders Boot Camp: NEXT GENERATION Workshop

The workshop that started it all is back and better than ever! Please scroll down for full description.

[P.S If you are looking for the Eating Disorders Boot Camp Home-Study Course, click here.] 

Price: $480.00

Eating Disorder Book of Hope and Healing

Affirmations for anyone who eats.

Price: $8.00

Meal Process Handout

Meal Process to Reduce Binge Eating

Price: $0.00

Burnout Prevention

Top Tips for Burnout Prevention - Free Handout

Price: $0.00

Understanding Orthorexia - Positive vs. Pathological Nutrition

Free Handout and Presentation Slides

Price: $0.00

Evaluating Food Exclusions Handout

Evaluating Food Exclusions Handout

Price: $0.00